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Local & Tourist Opportunities

With the "sun-a-shining" in the Kitimat valley we have opportunities for locals & tourists alike. 

Let's get out of the house:) Take a walk on the many trails, in particular the Hirsch Creek trail walking upstream to the jumping bridge. Take a boat tour to visit the seasonal Sea Lions basking in the sun near Loretta Island.

Rent or bring your Kayak to Minette Bay West. Easy access and paddle along the protected shoreline in search of the natural beauty and the many sea birds and animals. Hire a boat charter and catch fresh Halibut. MK marina is home to many options for a ocean trip.

Take a quad or side by side trip to the many trails that lead to the Kitimat River.

Once at the river you can relax, fish for Steelhead and Salmon, make a fire and cook a hotdog, read a book, the options are endless. 

Fly Fishing
Tours operate using rafts, drift boats and jetboats; from the Nass, Skeena (classified), Kitsumkalum (classified), Kitimat and our Jurassic Parks.

Freshwater Fishing
Fishing for Steelhead and Pacific Salmon. The exciting Nass River, Skeena River, Kalum River, Douglas Channel, Kitimat River and Kitimat Tidal.

Saltwater Fishing
Nass & Skeena River, Kalum River, Douglas Channel, Kitimat River & Kitimat Tidal, Freshwater Fishing for Steelhead and all species of Pacific Salmon.

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