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Double Digit Success

This is one sweet catch :)

Our local Kitimat Lodge guides Gordon and Mike both hit double digits yesterday for their guests. Steelhead are still migrating down the river and are still aggressively taking the hooks. The Chinooks are in full swing and as you can see Rodney has been tiring out his arms from yesterday's drift with guide Gordon. This is one sweet catch! Gorgeous shine and super sized. A family feast for many days to come.

There is always a catch! It's time for your fishing adventure dream to become a reality. Northern BC and its coastal tributary rivers offer fantastic opportunity for all five species of salmon and Steelhead fishing, with many freshwater species to choose from. Review our Fishing Seasons Chart to see what's available through different months.

Fly Fishing
Tours operate using rafts, drift boats and jetboats; from the Nass, Skeena (classified), Kitsumkalum (classified), Kitimat and our Jurassic Parks.

Freshwater Fishing
Fishing for Steelhead and Pacific Salmon. The exciting Nass River, Skeena River, Kalum River, Douglas Channel, Kitimat River and Kitimat Tidal.

Saltwater Fishing
Nass & Skeena River, Kalum River, Douglas Channel, Kitimat River & Kitimat Tidal, Freshwater Fishing for Steelhead and all species of Pacific Salmon.

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