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Spectacular, July 2019

Spectacular July Fishing this Year

The weather is warm and the waters abundant. Numbers are great, and check out this amazing gallery of catches for our guests this week! The Nass River wilderness adventures are riddled with never ending excitement and always full of pleasant fresh water fishing surprises.

Among our favorite shots you'll see 84 year old Gordon hold up on of his fully caught limit of Coho, and a mighty fine Lingcod caught by local angler Loreen along with a bounty of big Kitimat Chinooks! All the while, 73 and 84 year old fellas made sure to show us he thumbs up on their Kitimat lodge trip.

Fly Fishing
Tours operate using rafts, drift boats and jetboats; from the Nass, Skeena (classified), Kitsumkalum (classified), Kitimat and our Jurassic Parks.

Freshwater Fishing
Fishing for Steelhead and Pacific Salmon. The exciting Nass River, Skeena River, Kalum River, Douglas Channel, Kitimat River and Kitimat Tidal.

Saltwater Fishing
Nass & Skeena River, Kalum River, Douglas Channel, Kitimat River & Kitimat Tidal, Freshwater Fishing for Steelhead and all species of Pacific Salmon.

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