Big-time Catch, May 2019

Big-time Catch, May 2019

May has arrived and so has the heat, elevating the local river levels.

April was a good month as the Steelhead return was again very successful for our guests. Fly fishers from around the globe came for a visit to chase the northern BC super sized Trout on a fly rod. With the May freshest Chinook salmon will be migrating and our saltwater vessels are geared and ready to go.

The size and color of this catch is optimal; it's a perfect fishing moment. Dime color skin on this beauty! Prize weight, fabulous skin. An excellent day on the water. Reeling in clever guys like this one makes fishing a life long interest. On the banks of the river, we have a fabulous May catch. Douglas channel is a wonderful opportunity to explore it’s protected waters and Kayak rentals are available in Kitimat.

What's a day of fishing if there isn't a HUGE catch of shrimp to go with it?

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