Spring 2018 Fishing, April 2018

Spaces still available for Spring

The Steelhead will soon begin their mating dance and sew the gravel with their spawn.  


With the late winter, spring has been a challenge for our clients from around the world. This time of year also is a good time to catch the King of Crab on the sea, and the fresh taste is mouth watering. 

Ice and snow banks litter the shorelines, at times it looks like rabbit pelts coming down as we await the elusive Steelhead bite.

Our Steelhead pictures are thru the snowy, cold conditions - you can see the crack of a smile from the happy guests.

Temperatures are rising and the water is getting a bit warmer, still numbing your feet while wade fishing the local rivers. 

Yet we prevail, and for good reason, as the take from a Steelhead is the best feeling.