The Nass River is one of the most historic sights in the BC North

This is a fishery that is virtually untouched. At this time one can expect to catch fresh, wild Steelhead and Chinook Salmon in the 30-50lb. range. Try an adventure of fishing in the lava beds of the Nass River on the north cost of BC Canada. You will feel as though you are in another part of the world instead of just 100 kilometers from Terrace. We stay in close contact with Nisga Fisheries for the latest news on this year’s Sockeye run, and provide guided float fishing for Chinook in the Nass system.

The history of the Nass River area is amazing. In the 1700’s, approximately 3,000 Nisga Indians were killed when a volcano erupted and blasted hot lava 32 square miles. In places it the lava flows were 20 feet deep. Today the lava rock is home to white moss coverings and emerald green waters, making it some of the most incredible scenery that we fish!