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Skeena River Holds the Record!

When it comes to Steelhead Fly Fishing, it can’t get better than fishing in the Skeena River which is one of the largest and best rivers in British Columbia for thousands of fly fishing enthusiasts. What makes it such a special place to fish is not only the amazing spring steelhead run, but also its amazing Pink, Chum and Chinook fishing season followed by a robust, yet a bit short Coho run.

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Located six hundred air miles north of Vancouver, Skeena is the second largest river in BC and is better known amongst fishermen as the River of Mists. This is a pristine river system that offers many streams and rivers that flow rich with trout, salmon and especially steelhead.

The etymology of the Skeena River comes from the word Ksan which in Gitxsan means river of the mists. Breaking down the word even further, we get the words Git (people of) and Ksan (the river of mists). When combined, they literally translate to "the people of the river mists".


The Spring run Steelhead begin their migration from April until the middle of May and head over to their spawning grounds. They’ll also spend the winter preparing and feeding in the ocean so they can finally spawn in April and then return to the Ocean. These fish are not only well conditioned, but also quite strong, chrome and fat. In fact, the moment they get on your hook they’ll go ballistic. Compared to other Steelheads out there, they’re undoubtedly the stronger ones.

Yet as an experienced and even novice fisherman, you’ll probably be more excited knowing that the Skeena River holds the record not only for the largest hooked steelhead (36 lbs), but also the largest Coho salmon (25 lbs) as well. On top of that, it also holds the world record for the largest Chinook salmon, weighing a massive 92.5 lbs.

If you’re looking to fish for the hottest and meanest steelhead, then you’ll probably want to come and fish on the Lower Skeena and its tributaries this spring. These are really amazing fish that average eight to fifteen pounds while twenty pounds are definitely not uncommon.

Fishing for steelhead is an experience that fills your entire body with adrenaline and leaves you desiring for more. Just make sure to prepare the right line, fly and rods for when you come here and you’ll be guaranteed to have one of the best, if not the most exciting steelhead fishing experience ever.