July Freshwater Fishing 2016

The July weather is perfect for a fresh water fishing adventure

Another good year for the Salmon run here in Kitimat BC, Skeena and other smaller local rivers. It's July, the Chinook and Halibut are biting! Get your fresh water fishing adventure planned and booked to take advantage of some of the most exiting river fishing BC has to offer. You don't want to miss out on the Halibut, Salmon and Rockfish catches.

More than 100 Salmon for our Finland Visitors
Our guests from Finland departed today catching over 100 salmon on the fly as you can see in the pics attached some real nice fish are in the river this year.

Our guests always have great stories to take to their Cabin or Suite; lots of quality time is spent recounting the catch of the day. 

With the salmon run also comes the saltwater action and the Halibut Rock fishing is very good, clients all leaving home with some very fresh fish.


These stellar catches were just part of the exciting adventures we at Kitimat Lodge have put together for our fishing and angler guests. 


The truly stunning catch is a great bet during this season as well. This was an incredible day for our guest! 

These two captured their prizes after a well fought battle, the action was almost as exciting  to watch as catching the fish.


Lets not forget the crab cache :) when there is this much bounty to be had, it truly is a good day; and a perfect night to celebrate the catch.

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