June Halibut Late Spring 2016

This week our saltwater guests were glazed over as the Humpback Whales started their migration right in front of us with many displays of full body jumps, allowing us to just sit with the engine off and watch them play and bubble feed for herring. Added to our experience were some dramatic whale reveals. 

We landed some very nice Halibut and Ken from Saskatchewan released a 150lber after a long battle. Take a look at some of the shots of this most exciting trip! 


Back on land the river fishing has been steady and nice fresh and very feisty Chinook are giving our guests a awesome pull on the rod. What gorgeous scenery, as if the experience is not breathtaking enough, the humpback whales came by to say hello and share a splash or two. And we always take great delight in viewing the habitat man has provided for himself, check out this fabulous structure. 


The Dungeness Crab was a must for Tommy from Calgary as he pulled all the traps and took home a nice limit of fresh crab. This is a good time to pull out all your favorite crab dishes, it will never be more fresh and inviting than "just caught" .. just ask Tommy! Stay tuned, arriving guests this week are from Edmonton, and Medicine Hat Alberta. We'll be taking pictures of the trip and filling you in on the exciting details. 

Weather they're keepers or released back to the water, fishing adventures with Kitimat Lodge provides you the thrill of pursuit and excitement of a catch that can't be matched.