April Steelhead Fishing in BC

April Steelhead Fishing in BC

Kalum River and Skeena River are two of the most popular spots for steelhead fly fishing in British Columbia, Canada. These rivers offer great fishing conditions for both beginners and experienced professionals.

Fly anglers visit these rivers from different parts of the world. For many anglers, catching steelhead is one of the best experiences. There are several fish that migrate up the Skeena, giving anglers an opportunity to catch many steelheads in a single day.

The river conditions are ideal between April and November!

During spring steelhead fishing, anglers can find many fish come into these rivers, fresh from the ocean. Fly fishing is also popular during the summer when a large number of anglers are able to visit the British Columbia region. Winter Steelhead fishing is also available on Kalum River.

Steelhead tends to be difficult to catch and for this reason, it is important to understand the variables that influence your chance of catching the fish. To catch these fish, you need to fish in the right conditions.