Kitimat Lodge Guided Saltwater Fishing and River Fishing Planner

Northern BC and its coastal tributaries offer many freshwater species to choose from. Here you'll find basic outlines of trip schedules and tips on what to bring on your Kitimat Lodge guided fishing tour. 

Guided Tour fees are per person; where applicable group rates are available. 

March - April
Our Steelhead Season begins in March and guided tours continue into November. Whether your a first time fisherman or a accomplished fly caster, the Kitimat Lodge staff and top quality boats will make your trip enjoyable and memorable.

May - June
During the months of May and June the Steelhead are still in the system as well the start of the Chinook Salmon season. Guided trips on Skeena, coastal rivers as well the Kitimat river system is prime time. With the Douglas Channel located at the mouth of the Kitimat River the Chinook are very fresh and can be targeted on the Saltwater also, including Halibut and Crab.

July - August
The summer months are in full swing as this is the peak season for all 5 salmon species as well the elusive Skeena Steelhead. Our tours take you to the Nass, Skeena, Kitimat, Coastal micro streams as well the Saltwater fishing is extremely generous for migrating Pacific Salmon. 

September - October
These last few months of the fall season is something extraordinary. The rivers are now teeming with spawning Salmon, and the majority of the Coho Salmon and fall Steelhead enter the Skeena system and its tributaries. The Kitimat and Coastal rivers are abundant with fresh dime bright Coho making the catch numbers at explosive rates. Acrobatic Coho chase flies and spinners aggressively as they are fresh from the saltwater. The ocean is full of Salmon as well many Humpback Whales.

Daily Routine of Guided Fly Fishing Trips

On many of our fishing trip packages our morning begins with a 630 AM wake-up call and hot breakfast ready by 7AM. Anglers are geared up and off to the river by 8 AM. The pools and runs we fish are accessed by rafts and driftboats only, this is the finest way to fish (it's very stealthy; each pool is covered with maximum 2-3 guided anglers).

By noon we've fished 1-3 pools/runs. Lunch is served, hot beverages, fresh breads and sweets are on the menu.

We finish the late afternoon after another 2-3 pools and try to be back at the lodge by 630-7 PM. Supper is served at 730 PM. After dinner guests can enjoy the comforts of the lodge mingling, reading by the fire, cards, darts. By 10-11 PM most anglers are ready for bed. Guests can request a schedule catered to their own liking as this is your holiday.

Packing for Your Guided Fishing Adventure and stay at Kitimat Lodge

We recommend you bring items that will keep you warm and dry on the rainy days, as well as sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat for sunny days. We provide fishing (neoprene) waders upon request.

Weather to expect during your Guided Fishing Trip at Kitimat Adventures

Temperatures throughout the prime fishing season vary from hot and sunny to overcast and raining.